Kingdom, The

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Kingdom, The by Robert Bissell

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14.5″ X 72″ – Panoramic Giclée on Canvas

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“This work was in development for nearly two years. The intention was to create a heroic painting that presented many narratives within a larger context. As in The Lord of The Rings, we see our heroes embarking on a series of journeys by individuals and groups that all essentially advance a much larger endeavor. This epic structure, along with the symbols and motifs in Tolkein’s story were much of the inspiration in developing The Kingdom. A great river of life extends across the painting, uniting the participants as it flows toward the setting sun. Majestic trees provide anchor points along the many paths where the story unfolds. The title describes not so much a physical place but a realm where we all, as Kings and Queens reside and in which our adventures are part of the great journey called life.” – Robert Bissell