(Small Works) – 20″ x 12″ – 150 Edition
(Collector Edition) – 35″ x 21″ – 150 Edition
(AP Hand-Enhanced) – 35″ x 21″ – 50 Edition
(Deluxe Collector Edition) – 45″ x 27″ – 75 Edition
(Deluxe AP Hand-Enhanced) – 45″ x 27″ – 25 Edition
(Luxury AP Hand-Enhanced) – 60″ x 36″ – 50 Edition

Call for Price

For many of us being in the presence of a truly wild and free animal is a profound experience that remains with us. In the preface of my book Hero- The Paintings of Robert Bissell, I wrote about the time I spent with a coyote: “The presence of the moment was unmistakable. We recognized each other as different beings in the same inexplicable world. This was the commonality between animals and humans that I had read about: that we are flesh and blood, separate, yet manifested as such by the same forces, which neither of us understand.” – Robert Bissell.