Sage of the Night

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Sage of the Night by Robert Bissell


Sage of the Night by Robert Bissell (Small Works – 16″ x 15″)( Collectors Edition – 34″ x 32″ – Plus Enhanced Artist Proofs)(Deluxe Edition – 42″ x 40″ – Plus Enhanced Artist Proofs

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“This painting uses a deeper blue portion of the color gradient and palette, harmoniously uniting the sky and the ocean below. It contrasts the main figure – a wise, strong, benevolent bear – with surrounding delicate butterflies that are emerging from faint stars in the sky. The figure is deliberately positioned so that the viewer makes direct eye contact with the bear. The light butterflies fluttering around the bear figure suggest a freeing that comes from within when we have a greater awareness of ourselves in face other beings and the world around us.” – Robert Bissell