Along Walkers Line


Along Walkers Line by Robert Bateman



(24″ x 36″, Giclee Canvas, 180 SN and 40 AP, $795.00)
(30″ x 30″, Limited Edition on Paper, 905 SN, $195.00 suggested retail)


“My transformation from an abstract artist to realist style painter happened
after seeing an exhibition of Andrew Wyeth paintings. The rural countryside
around Chadd’s Ford, Pennsylvania, which Wyeth depicted, was very similar
to the area where I chose to live … a world of traditional family farms and
scattered forests.

Here was an artist who used abstract forms in his
compositions but cared about the particularity of the actual surface
of his world. In this painting I examined the texture of the ploughed field
etched by snow and the rolling forms of the forest in winter.”
– Robert Bateman

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24" x 36" Giclee Canvas S/N, 24" x 36" Giclee Canvas A/P, 30" x 30" Limited Edition on Paper 905 SN