Approach Bald Eagle


Approach Bald Eagle by Robert Bateman


28-3/4 x 38; Original Lithograph; Edition Size 290; $1350.00 U.S.

“Come close enough to a majestic bald eagle to see your reflection in his eye
and feel the breeze from his flapping wings. From a unique vantage point,
Robert Bateman conveys the power, drama and majesty of a regal arrival
in this elegant original lithograph.

It is a never-ending thrill to live in bald eagle country. Although we do not
see them every day, we can expect a passing visit at any time. There may
be a soaring silhouette crossing my studio skylight or, if we are lucky, an
eagle may perch on one of the dead snags overlooking the sea a few yards
away. We never tire of the honorable visitor and always dash to the
window for a view.”

Robert Bateman