Arctic Family – Renaissance Edition


Arctic Family – Renaissance Edition by Robert Bateman



20″ x 30″, Renaissance Edition Canvas, 180 SN and 40 AP, $695.00 US Retail

“At the edge of the sea the Arctic family pauses before venturing into the real world of the polar bear. This is the world of sea and pack ice. Polar bears are completely at home in the sea with waterproof fur and broad, flat feet furred almost to the toes. They have been seen swimming over eighty miles from land, but the really good hunting is among the seal-inhabited ice floes. In size they may be up to eight feet long and 900 pounds in weight. Contrary to popular belief, their usual color is dingy pale yellow rather than snowy white.

The expectant mother bear moves inland with the onset of winter. She finds a sheltered nook and digs a den in the snow. Near the end of January the cubs are born, usually two. As with all bears, they are very small at birth, not much bigger than rats. For nearly two months the mother has nothing to do but love them, and this task she assumes with her whole being. The heat from their bodies enlarges the den, making ample room for all as the cubs grow. With the spring sunshine, they emerge and make for the sea. The trek may be 20-30 miles, but the mother is as patient and devoted as any in the animal world.”

Robert Bateman

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20" x 30" Renaissance Edition Canvas S/N, 20" x 30" Renaissance Edition Canvas A/P