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Assisted Living – 36″ x 42″ Reclaimed Aluminum Quilt by Dave Hind

Dave Hind – A True Renaissance Man

Dave Hind is creating reclaimed aluminum quilts. Therefore he is fashioning something beautiful from material that would otherwise end up in a landfill. He is using materials like aluminum siding, screen doors and old signs. In other words he is breathing life into a discarded medium. There is an industrial quality to Dave’s work. This, of course, is a bit of juxtaposition considering his focus on trees (mainly). It is a perfect marriage as Dave loves to comment on the relationship between nature and man’s encroaching impact on it.

There is a message in Dave Hind’s work, be it subtle or obvious, about how we are treating our planet. It can be be about the state of agriculture. It can be about politics. And it can be about old landmark trees that have been carved away to make way for power lines. Above all it is a message to bring consciousness to a world in need. Dave is a true renaissance man. At his studio and homestead, you will find a gaggle of chickens, some buzzing honeybee hives and a plethora of incredible art projects in various stages of completion. You get the feeling that this is a man that doesn’t rest.

Dave finds ways to collaborate with fellow friends and artists alike. For larger group installations Dave has visited neighborhood schools to involve the children in adding a small piece of their own. For him; the inclusion is a way to connect people with some of the most important things in life; conservation, conversation and art. We are living in a time where all of these things are in danger of falling by the wayside. Here is a man that is looking to change that.

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Here is an incredible video of Dave Hind talking about his process: