Autumn Lady


Autumn Lady by Carl Brenders


26 x 35;Giclee Canvas Renaissance Edition;Edition Size 195;$895 U.S.

“I think that it is quite unusual to see a painting of a female deer. Most wildlife artists prefer to paint a male deer because of their massive antlers. Paintings of bucks are difficult to keep from looking like postcards because they are so often used as subjects. This was, in fact, the challenge of this painting: to paint a doe in an interesting yet natural way.

I have always been impressed and enchanted by the beautiful eyes of the female deer. The idea for this painting had been ripening in my mind for a long time. I just needed a good background.

During a trip to Canada to study the autumn colors, I saw a curious white-tailed doe watching me nearby. The light was very soft and the moment so beautiful that I completely forgot about the rain and the cold weather. This encounter –the inspiration for this painting– left a very happy feeling in my heart for the rest of the day.”

Carl Brenders