Big Ivory


Big Ivory by John Banovich


33″ x 40″, Giclee Canvas, $1699.00, Low Inventory

“Emerging from the dust, this old bull elephant has seen the best and worst that Africa has to offer. Almost all African elephants sport tusks, which have often been referred to as “white gold.” Throughout history they have been coveted for hunting trophies, carving mediums for figurines and trinkets, billiard balls, rosary beads, piano keys and thrones for kings and queens. These modified incisor teeth are used for debarking, digging, rooting, stabbing and weapons of display. While average tusk size today is around 60 lbs. one such tusk was recorded at over 225 lbs. Hunting and illegal poaching has contributed to the decline in tusk size over the years. Tusks grow throughout an elephant’s life with broken tips being replaced but with constant wear they usually never reach their full potential. If an elephant has the right genes and has been lucky enough to break them and avoid a poacher’s chase, he then has a chance to support the ultimate trophy…Big Ivory!” – John Banovich