Cheetah Siesta


Cheetah Siesta by Robert Bateman



(Giclee Canvas, 30 x 40, 180 edition, $995.00 U.S.)
(Giclee Canvas, 36 x 48, 99 edition, $1495.00 U.S.)

“In the big-game country of Africa I am always aware of the huge, overpowering,
blue sky, especially at places like the Amboseli plain in southern Kenya, shown
here in Cheetah Siesta. I wanted to feel the presence of the sky in this picture,
but I had to be persuaded by my wife, Birgit, that I could put the horizon as low
as it is and still have room for the cheetah and the plain. I also had to resist
the temptation to let more tall grasses stretch across the horizon, or to introduce
a cruising vulture in the distant sky. By leaving it empty, the sky becomes as
strong a force in the picture as the cheetah itself.”
Robert Bateman

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Giclee Canvas 30 x 40 180 edition, Giclee Canvas 36 x 48 99 edition