Cloudy Sky



Cloudy Sky by J.E.H. MacDonald – 6 3/16″ x 9 3/16″ – Edition of 460 – Master Editions Lithograph

We have the unique opportunity to promote this rare collection of Canadian icon paintings reproduced in a revolutionary format. Every brush stroke, every patch of unpainted surface, every minute mark, both intended and unintended is duplicated with perfect fidelity. In 45 years we have never seen a finer recreation of an original painting. A cast was created with each painting pressed into a mould, making them virtually identical to the original work of art. The lithograph is printed on neutral pH Phoenix Imperial fine art paper, employing the unique process. Every detail of brushwork and texture in the original oil is duplicated, producing a genuinely recreated painting on the substrate, an African hardwood panel.

Born in New Elvet, England, J.E.H. MacDonald emigrated to Hamilton, Ontario, in 1887. He studied at Hamilton Technical School and the Central Ontario School of Art, Toronto, under George Reid and William Cruikshank. He worked as a commercial artist for Grip Ltd. And went to England in 1903 to become a designer for Carlton Studios. In 1907, he returned to Toronto and exhibited the famed “Tangled Garden” in 1916. He was a founding member of the Group of Seven in 1920. MacDonald joined the staff of the Ontario College of Art in 1921, becoming principal from 1929 to 1932.


Cloudy Sky by J.E.H. MacDonald