Den Mother


Den Mother by Carl Brenders

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Den Mother – 26″ x 36″, Rennaisance Giclee Canvas, 195 Edition, $1195.00 U.S.

“Since my favorite colors are ochres and warm tints, I did not want a lot of greens in this painting, although it is usually summer when wolf pups reach this age. As the pups grow, they stay in a certain spot with their mother or a babysitter from the wolf pack. They play all of the time and, as a result, ruin most of the plant life, which then turns yellow during a dry summer and explains the ochre colors in the background.

For me, the wolf represents the symbol of conservation of our wild world more so than the panda. I have great respect for the wolf because it managed to survive even though it was poached, killed and massacred for centuries throughout the northern hemisphere, where it lives. Wolves are among the most interesting animals because of the social rules of the wolf pack. They are a good example of birth control in nature, as only the alpha male and female mate and have offspring. The rest of the pack helps to take care of the pups. I will never tire of painting wolves; the satisfaction of rendering that wild glance in their eyes is too great.

With my work, I hope to contribute to saving all this beauty for future generations. Please join me in my efforts to save this wonderful planet — our good mother — the Earth.”

— Carl Brenders