Down For The Count


Down For The Count by Carl Brenders

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8 1/2 x 14;Offset Paper;Edition Size 1500;$75 U.S.

“Since wolves returned to Yellowstone, and in five years their numbers increased from fifteen individuals to more than 150, my imagination goes to the dens with all those pups. I never saw a real wolf den, but lots of wolf pups in captivity. I could pet them and play with them, and they are lovely.

The Discovery Channel and the National Geographic Channel on TV bring the wolves into our living room. The nature photographers and filmmakers
do an incredible job. Because of them, I can see a wolf den every other month, and it inspires me a lot. Unfortunately, with my style of painting (months on one painting), it is frustrating that I cannot spend those months observing the animals I paint in the wild. But imagination can be strong enough to create on canvas or paper the scene one would love to be able to see in the wild, and what is nicer than a little dog or cat taking his siesta? One could compare it to the convincing way that babies use to sleep.

Irresistible little creatures, I wish you wonderful dreams!”

— Carl Brenders