Explosion – 44″ x 62″ – Giclee Canvas – #37/37 Last one left

“Zebra seem to be quite skittish when approaching a waterhole and the slightest movement will set them off. When there are hundreds, their action creates total chaos. Running to and from the waters edge, the dust kicked up can be seen for miles and from a distance it looks like the after-haze of a distant explosion” – John Banovich

If lions and crocodiles considered you part of the lunch menu, you’d be skittish approaching a waterhole. The slightest movement often triggers chaos. The dust that a big zebra herd produces when charging to and from the water’s edge looks like the after-haze of a distant explosion. Explosion won U.S. Art Magazine’s “Artists Choice” the year we started Banovich Fine Art Editions. Our first limited-edition giclee, we were surprised and pleased when it sold out so quickly. I had never painted a more complicated piece. Stripes tried to jump from one zebra to another – keeping them on the right animal took all my focus. For weeks, zebra stripes covered everything in my dreams.