Full Stride – Great Blue Heron


Full Stride – Great Blue Heron by Robert Bateman


Full Stride – Great Blue Heron – 24″ x 32″ – Giclee Canvas – 99 S/N & 19 A/P – $895.00 U.S. Retail by Robert Bateman

“Although most of my paintings are based on a number of photographs often taken during different experiences in nature, once in a while I see a subject that is a no-brainer” for a painting. This heron was in the Galapagos where the wildlife is famously tame. It came striding right past us on a beach and I took about 10 shots. The simplicity of the scene reminded me of the cave paintings I saw at Lasceaux. Background would be a distraction. The positive and negative shapes were strong and I was able to play light against dark and vice versa for emphasis.” – Robert Bateman

Robert Bateman has been called the most famous living artist. He continues to paint and tour the world and promote conservation and preservation of nature. We have represented Robert Bateman for decades and are now the sole publisher and distributor

Nature as a subject is becoming more and more popular as our environment is in peril. What better subject is there than the beautiful creatures we share this world with?

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24" x 32" – Giclee Canvas S/N, 24" x 32" – Giclee Canvas A/P