Goldfinch With Mullein


Goldfinch With Mullein by Robert Bateman

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Goldfinch With Mullein – 16-3/4 x 21-1/8; Offset Paper; Edition 950; $225.00 U.S.

“The landscape of late summer is full of a rich variety of colours and textures
that provides a feast for the eye of the artist. The decomposition of autumn
and winter has begun to set in, and the resulting visual images are perhaps
more complex than they are at any other time of the year. In the same way
that the face of an old person shows the experience of many years, the
wrinkled leaves of late summer show the product of a series of events
in processes of biology, physics and chemistry.

“In this painting, I like the way the old leaves have a textured, sculptural
quality that relates to the eroded embankment. The soft, undulating forms
of the grassy hillside are a backdrop to the sentinel – like ramrods of
mature mullein stocks. Although many consider them just weeds, to me
the mullein plants have the nobility of some ancient aristocrat. The
goldfinch is not an afterthought. I put him in the painting partly to give
scale, and partly because he is usually found in this type of habitat. I
left the bottom unfinished because I enjoyed the sketchy quality of my
brush strokes, and I liked the artistic element provided by the
white negative spaces.”
Robert Bateman


Robert Bateman has been called the most famous living artist. He continues to paint and tour the world to promote conservation and preservation of nature. We have represented Robert Bateman for decades and are now the sole publisher and distributor of his reproductions. We are so honored to work with him and witness his success. He has made such a massive contribution to the art world and the natural world as an artist and educator of the earth’s most important resources.

Nature as a subject is becoming more and more popular as our environment is in peril. What better subject is there than the beautiful creatures we share this world with? Robert Bateman’s appreciation and understanding of nature are apparent in his paintings. He is able to paint flora and fauna the way your eye would perceive it in real life. It is important that the animal takes full attention. The background becomes muted, and therefore it doesn’t take too much focus away from the subject. His paintings seem effortless and masterful all at once.

Bateman’s eye for composition is unparalleled. Each painting is a composed like a symphony, leading the eye to wander. From the backyards of North America to the sprawling plains of Africa. Robert Bateman captures nature the way it should be enjoyed. Above all he is a champion of wildlife. For this reason he has become a household name for art collectors.