Good Life Cougar


Good Life Cougar by Carl Brenders


17 x 43;Giclee Canvas;Edition Size 350;$1155 U.S.

“No human being can enjoy life as much as a cat can. A cat can lie on its back like nobody can ever imitate. A relaxed cat radiates joy of life. Cats know the art of living well. We can learn from them; not only domestic cats, but all members of the cat family.

In Botswana in Southern Africa, I had the opportunity to follow a lion pack for a full day. They didn’t hunt that day, but were very relaxed and must have had enough food before. I was surprised at the similarity with my house cat — the way they clean their fur with their tongues, the way they stretch, the way they look at you with their wonderful eyes, and the way they can lie on their backs. They made me jealous. They were the highlight of my trip.

One of the American members of the cat family, the cougar is the cat I like to paint the best. Its colors fit so well with the colors of nature in the West. The model for my painting made my day when he allowed me to pet his belly. He was a domesticated cougar in a game farm, and I felt I had a wonderful contact with him. Cougar babies can become very tame when they grow up in captivity. Then they make great models for wildlife artists, who would have a hard time doing the same fieldwork in the wild.” – Carl Brenders