Long Beach

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Algonquin Lightning by Robert Ross

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Long Beach – 27″ x 36″, Original Acrylic on Panel

E. Robert Ross has been a full time artist since 1975, exhibiting primarily in Southern Ontario with solo exhibitions at the public Art Galleries of Hamilton and Burlington, as well as in private galleries. He was born and raised in the Hamilton area, where he currently resides with his wife, having lived on the west coast of Canada for a number of years.

Robert’s paintings have the perfect balance between painterly style and hyper-realism. “An early interest in the work of landscape photographers led me to a realistic style of painting, in acrylics. However, the most important part of painting landscapes, for me, is the symbolism of the elements, and the association one can imagine from the depiction of the scenes. I always hope to suggest “going beyond” the landscapes. It is the underlying spirit of nature that ties the landscape together with our human existence.” – Robert Ross

We have a number of great reproductions and original paintings from Robert Ross to fit all budgets and wall sizes. Robert has painted in many areas of North America, so if there is a place that is special to you please ask us if we have a painting of that area.

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