Mating Game


Mating Game by Robert Bateman



(Paper, 18 x 13 3/4, 1500 Edition, $95.00 U.S. suggested retail)
(Giclee Canvas Collection, 21 x 16, 350 Edition, $295.00 U.S.)

“It is not difficult to see lions in “safari country” of Africa. In fact, it is almost
impossible not to see them. It is, however, a special privilege to witness the
“mating game”. Actually it is not much of a game. When the female is ready,
often a friend of the dominant male – sort of a best man – spends time with
her to help her get into the mood, close but not consummated. Then the main
male comes close, but just sort of hangs around with a sheepish expression. All
of a sudden with a great deal of snarling and growling, he makes the connection.
This lasts for a few seconds. She snarls and snaps and so does he, but it is mostly
bluff. He then lies down near her, and she rolls over and lies down not far away.
Then they wait. Then they do it again. This goes on for days. Except for the
brief “moments of truth” the whole scene projects an image of languor and
boredom. However , that brief moment makes it all worthwhile from the
lions’ point of view and from the artist’s point of view.”
Robert Bateman

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Paper 18 x 13 3/4 1500 Edition, Giclee Canvas Collection 21 x 16 350 Edition