Ning Ashoona – 36″ x 36″ – Oil on Canvas

APRIL 2016 FOUND LORIMER on a plane heading to the Canadian arctic, Cape Dorset, Nunavut to be specific. He was on a mission to meet the master carvers he now represented at his new art gallery, Lorimer Gallery.

Lorimer writes, “The struggles of the Inuit people are documented, but somehow in the perils of living life on the frozen tundra of the Canadian north, the artists of Cape Dorset have managed to carve out a decent living. In some ways their work has surpassed the that of the Group Of Seven in terms representing Canada on the world stage, yet they themselves remain relatively unknown. I wanted to recognize the artists themselves”.

These vividly powerful portraits command attention and demand recognition.


In 1995 Brian created a successful mural business, Lorimer Studios Inc.. Over an 8 year period he employed as many as 10 artists full-time and freelance to assist him in executing over 150 murals. All of the murals were custom designed – hand painted works of fine art – acrylic on canvas and installed on location for a variety of clients throughout the USA and Canada. He then retired to focus on personal projects.
One project involved traveling 800kms of mostly back roads from Addis Ababa to Ethiopia’s Omo Valley. This is one of the most remote places on earth, and is home to remote tribes of people that have been living the same way for centuries.
Project Remembrance saw Lorimer travelling to Belgium and France for inspiration. This somber series of paintings were based on World War 1. An homage to the brave people who fought.
Brian’s paintings are known for their bold, vivid colors. There is also a way that Brian mixes textures and styles to create an almost collage-like portrait or landscape. This of course makes for a very unique and striking image.

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