Observing Christmas


Observing Christmas by Robert Bateman



(24″ x 30″ Giclee Canvas Edition Size 180 S/N, $895 U.S. Sugg. Retail)
(21-1/2″ x 27″ Offset Paper Edition Size 950 S/N, $165 U.S. Sugg. Retail)

“Although our last two dogs were Labrador retrievers, our son Alan has a preference for
golden retrievers . Like the Labs, these goldens are wonderful family dogs. Alan and his family
live in Nova Scotia, coincidentally in the same area my mother’s ancestors came from.

We joined Alan’s family for a wonderful ‘ down home ‘ Christmas. Since they live in a 200-year-old
farmhouse and believe in the traditions and the trimmings, we had a wonderful time.

However, all good things must come to an end and when the festivities were over, the decorations
were taken down and the tree put out on the porch. River is the name of their golden. Of course,
he was always on the lookout for any wildlife that might be out there– birds or squirrels. He is
more interested in observing than catching. I, of course, was interested in trying to capture
the silky fur of his coat.”
Robert Bateman

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24" x 30" Giclee Canvas Edition Size 180 S/N, 21-1/2" x 27" Offset Paper Edition Size 950 S/N