Rose Hip and Kinglet


Rose Hip and Kinglet by Robert Bateman


10″ x 20″ Giclee Canvas Edition Size 180 S/N, $550 U.S. Sugg. Retail

Rose Hips and Kinglet
“One of the most common shrubs near our home is the wild rose. In the springtime when I go for my daily walks, I do indeed take time to smell the roses. The perfume puts most hybrid garden roses to shame. Although it is often overlooked, the wild rose is a common shrub throughout temperate North America and Europe.
This area also represents the distribution of the golden-crowned kinglet, which is called “fire crest” in Britain. When I saw this pattern of ripe, red rose hips, I immediately thought of the kinglets which do not nest in our area but visit us in autumn winter and early spring, the same seasons that treats us to the sight of those flaming red berries.” – Robert Bateman