Sunset Tree Tops 7

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Sunset Tree Tops 7 by David Grieve


Sunset Tree Tops 7 – 36″ x 60″, Original Oil on Canvas

David Grieve lives in Brantford Ontario with his wife and three sons. This is an area with a lot of sprawling farmland and forests which is where David finds his muse. He will often focus on lone trees in farm fields. Usually a tree changing color, when it is in its most vibrant state. His bright palette reflects the rich tones of a countryside that is changing constantly. The family cabin and studio also provides inspiration. David’s paintings of cottage country are very popular. Towering pines and luminous shorelines are some of David’s best work.

David’s rural scenes capture Southern Ontario and beyond with a multi-layered approach and a broad brush. He uses thick strokes of oil paint in an impressionistic translation of a landscape. David rarely cleans his brushes. As a result he achieves dramatic, chunky swaths of paint. This is the style that he is loved for.

Throughout his painting career David received numerous awards and scholarships. His solo and group exhibitions have entered into public and commercial galleries in the U.S. and in Canada. David is represented by Nature’s Scene in Canada. You will find his work in many galleries in North America.

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