Watchful Repose Black Bear


Watchful Repose Black Bear by Robert Bateman


Renaissance Giclee Canvas – 20″ x 25″ – $795.00 US Retail – Edition 99 SN and 19 A/P’s

“Black bears have a mixed relationship with humans. To our eyes, they are alternately
dangerous, lovable and a nuisance. To their eyes, we are to be feared, ignored or exploited.

I have placed this bear in a benign mood resting under the shelter of a pine. They are
not very active during sunny part of the day, but this one has chosen the top of a rocky
cliff so that he can glance around in case anything interesting happens. These rocks are
part of the pre-Cambrian shield and are a particular place I have known since childhood.
I enjoyed the interplay of geological texture, dappled sun and shadow.”
Robert Bateman