Modlinski, Dominik

Dominik Modlinski moved to Canada from Poland at the age of 17. He graduated with honors from the Ontario College of Art in 1993. Dominik developed a love for the Canadian wilderness. For him, a painting doesn’t just tell a story, it tells of adventure. Therefore, the journey is just as important as the destination. The ever-changing rugged landscapes and four seasons of Canada offer limitless inspiration for this mountain-man and plein-air painter. Because of this Dominik travels for weeks at a time, immersing himself in isolated areas to capture landscapes seldom seen in vivid oil paint. From the Arctic to the Antarctic, Dominik has been on countless extreme painting expeditions where untouched wilderness remains.

Modlinski is known for his bold and intense palette that interprets the dramatic impression of a landscape. Oil paint offers such a rich, lustrous color which is perfect for Dominik’s style. His paintings have such an opulent and energetic nature that make them larger than life.

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