Passing Fancy – Lion Cubs


Passing Fancy – Lion Cubs by Robert Bateman


16 5/8 x 22 3/8, Paper Print, 450 Editiom, $175.00 U.S. suggested retail

“One of the great things about lions is their collegiality. The family groups have a wonderful
sense of companionship. This is perhaps best exemplified among the adolescents. They
are similar in many ways to another gregarious mammal, homo sapiens. Teenagers
enjoy hanging around together. Sometimes they play fight, sometimes they just lounge,
and other times they join in some challenge to test their metal. Young lions might tackle
a warthog, or try to access a tortoise for example. In this case they have heard a sound
and viewed a shape moving behind the bushes, just a dash away. When they see that
the shape is a black rhino they realize that any hope of a successful attack, even by
three, brave, young lions is only a passing fancy.”
Robert Bateman