Wranglers Campsite Gray Jay


Wranglers Campsite Gray Jay by Robert Bateman


24″ x 16″ – Renaissance Giclee Canvas – $625.00 US Retail – Edition of 99 and 19 A/P’s

“There are many things to do when making camp on a pack horse trip. The horses need
to be unloaded and tethered for the night. Poles are cut for the tents and dead wood
gathered and chopped for the fire. Only then does the wrangler strike his axe into the
tree where it is safely stowed and easily reached. Then off come the chaps, the
leather leggings that are still worn for leg protection in rough country. Sometimes
they are hung on a branch, but what better clothes hook than the axe.

“The gray jay is the silent and friendly little ghost that appears at campsites
throughout the remote coniferous forests of North America.  Although he
doesn’t like civilization, he appreciates visitors to his world, provided
they bring some tasty scraps.” – Robert Bateman