Welcome to Nature’s Scene, this is our first entry of our first blog and we’ve been in the art business as a family for over forty years, so to say it would be easy to overload our first with too much information would be an understatement.

Hopefully through future posts we can expand on our history and the members of this close family that makes art our business, but the reason we love it, is the joy of working with beauty. My name is Luke and I work in the shipping department here, shipping and receiving gives me, what I consider, the best view of what we do here. I get to see the new art first 😉

Sneak peek behind the iron curtain

I see what’s coming and I know what’s going out. I could try and cover 40 years but I’ll start with last month, it’s been a mad house. 1) Robert Bateman has been doing a few shows here in Ontario. (We have links to his upcoming B.C. shows on our EVENTS page) We’ve been working with Robert for nearly as long as we’ve been operating. Officer of the Order of Canada recipient, known worldwide for his conservation initiatives, and his interpretations of the natural world through his paintings makes him one the most known names in Canadian art around the world. It’s always a special treat to see Bob when he comes to visit, he’s a wealth of knowledge and good stories.

We’ve all been loving the Land Rover advertisement he was a part of to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Land Rover. It has been 60 years since Robert and his friend Bristol Foster took “Grizzly Torque,” their christened vehicle, around the world. It really epitomizes Robert’s life diving right into the world and soaking in as much as he can. We all found it moving and inspiring.  2) We’ve been working on new editions of prints and canvas’ with Robert Bateman. Much like the art we deal in, every reproduction brings new challenges and opportunities. With limited edition reproductions, it’s always a hand-made process when it comes to numbering. It takes a lot of organization and communication to keep those numbers straight and the quality second to none.  Welcome to Nature’s Scene is a blog more about our beliefs…


This is a great video that shows…  This video is courtest of Zeus Systems Inc.

Bear Photo

This is a great photo!